As Dexxdef Defence, we are passionately committed to providing leading-edge solutions and equipment that enhance the overall agility and survivability of the modern warfighter and tactical operator.

We design,develop and deliver protective plates and head systems, as well as innovative products and management solutions for military and tactical operators worldwide We invest in the development of advanced concept, integrated systems that will be critical to meet the challenges of tomorrow and beyond.

We believe in human – centered innovation, and work proactively with our end – users to identify and solve the problems left unsolved by others.

We specialize in manufacturing and exporting military and tactical products with our expert production team and professional sales staff. We work with defense ministries and military organizations worldwide, designing and offering innovative products in addition to protective plates and military uniforms.

Within our textile group, we produce military summer and winter uniforms, tactical boots, military underwear, jackets, ponchos, raincoats, and cold-resistant outdoor products.

We have delivered 600,000 units of the 2022 model winter uniforms to the Ukrainian army and currently continue production of the 2023 summer collection, as well as jackets, pants, coats, and innerwear for the 2023 winter collection.

Additionally, we also offer protective plates, carrier vests, and helmets under ISO 9001:2015 certification.